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Car Hire at Larnaca or Paphos Airport

Travelling is one of life’s inevitable choices. There are different means of travel. Travelling by air is a reputable way. However, it becomes limiting when you are unable to reach your flight in time. You therefore need a way that will help transport you to and from the airport. This is not only for airport flights, but you can also require a transport that will work for you at the Cyprus time. This is possible through booking from all Airport Terminals from Cyprus for your own self drive. Car hire is the best and most reliable transport means that help you be accountable for extra baggage at no extra cost. You also should never get worried about public transport and you will get to spend less when you are travelling in groups.

LAt Larnaca Airport there are several service providers that offer car hiring services with a variety of great vehicle selections to choose from at cheap and affordable prices. To get the best deals, it is advisable that book your vehicle selection early enough and opt for payment while booking to ensure that you save more money. Your booking options can be at your own convenience; this can be before departure or arrival at the airport. However, this will deny you many advantages such as discounts and deals that are packages of early booking.

At the Car Rental desk, there is the car hire professional that will help you with any questions that you may have. The provider will also facilitate your car hire process. Upon successful booking, you can get your car keys at the reception desk where you will then be shown to your car. We offer the best experience with our car hire services so that you get the best offer at an affordable price.

The booking process can be done using three simple steps which can be done either abroad or in the Cyprus. We are reputable for our high class service that our staff offers to ensure that you enjoy and have the best work experience when booking with RentACarCY.

Car Rental Benefits

  • No extra charges .i.e. credit card or booking fees
  • A call center that is available round the clock (24/7).
  • All booking modules welcomed i.e local and international bookings.
  • A great and powerful experience with rental services in 20,000 destinations and beyond
  • Low and affordable rates for a higher value service
  • Offers the best savings through deals and discounts
  • Amenities that are free for you to enjoy.
  • Simple three step booking processes with online payment systems that is secure.
  • A great range of vehicle selection and rental station available at the airport
  • Under Twenty Five’s Information


There are charges levied for driver who are below twenty five years of age this is called “young driver’s surcharge” at car rental in Manchester Airport. This is a charge that is accumulative daily since young drivers are regarded to be a liability. The fee varies from each country that offers this service and each service provider. Inquiry of this fee, i.e. “young driver’s surcharge” is important so that you do not suffer any inconveniences. The acceptable driving age also varies from vehicle group to the service provider. The common age requirement for this car hire service is twenty one years old and any age below is not accepted. However, there are few exceptions like Hertz that allow ages as low as nineteen with student discounts offered to students with valid NUS cards. Customers that get this discount are still legible to paying a young driver’s surcharge if they fall below the twenty five age bracket.


  • Upon successful booking, there are documents that should be present when you show up to take your car at Cyprus Airport. These documents are;
  • A secondary form of identification like official identification card or passport. These are also used at the airport; therefore you are bound to have them.
  • Driving license that is valid with both the paper counterpart and the card being needed for UK residents. Any photocopy will be unacceptable.
  • A credit card that is valid in your name. This is important for charging purposes should the driver damages the vehicle when using it. This can be avoided by following the tips available while booking for a car.


Tips for Car Hire Customers

Using the available tips is enough to help have a great car rental experience and save money while avoiding expensive charges upon successful booking. Early booking helps you enjoy the deals and discounts that are available for you to take advantage of. It is also important to note that booking payment is much cheaper than at point location payment:

Upon receiving your car keys, check the vehicle for any scratching and damages. If there is any, it is advisable that you inform the provider so that they make any necessary changes that should be done. They should document any scratches or damages that they will find. This prevents any charges that you were not a part of from being levied to you.

Get acquainted with the vehicle before you leave. This helps you to know which gas the vehicle runs on so that you don’t fill up the tank with wrong fuel; this is bound to cause a great damage to your vehicle. If you are new to the area, it is advisable that you inquire from your provider for navigation enabled cars.

Awareness of your surroundings is important to help you avoid any offenses that you may incur during your rental. If you get any offenses, it will be solely your responsibility and your rental company will not foot the bills.

For more tips and advice, you can visit the Car Hire Centre to help you with your rental.



Insurance policies are very confusing, but your provider will offer you a variety of insurance extras branded with technical terms. Car hire excess is an additional insurance that is recommended for you. Most rental services are theft waiver as well as damage waiver unless you choose for them. This is not insurance, but covers any liability like theft or damage. Any damages to the vehicle will cause a fee of up to two thousand Euros for repairs to be levied to be levied to you.


Airport Surcharge

This is an added fee for hire when you collect the vehicle from the airport branch. This is because the providers are also charged by the airport for making use of their resources. Therefore costing them more, this cost is then moved to you.


One Way Hire

This applicable for groups who wish to use the car hire service. This helps when you are a group and you have huge luggage with you. It is possible for you to get your automobile at the branch and get it at the airport where it will be picked. This can also be done when you are coming from the airport.